Tuesday, February 13

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Home, 19:23


I woke at 12:50 and sat up thinking that morning had arrived. I felt very puzzled when I discovered the time. I went back to sleep and woke up again at 6:50. Both times I found myself in the middle of dreams straight from the action-adventure genre. Something has happened to my sleeping mind in the last few days. Some kind of vote has taken place in my head and the majority of brain cells appear to have voted for a major increase in dreams containing plot heavy narratives.

I caught the bus to find myself standing on the metro. Not that I minded; I just noted that I blame the City of Espoo for this. Their insistence on having the metro extended while paying as little as possible resulted in small stations. This resulted in the metro trains losing two of their six carriages. Despite having the number of metros increased (from approximately one every three minutes to one every two minutes) the situation has worsened. Get one metro and you can sit anywhere you want. Miss that and get the next and you can hardly find room to stand.

Apparently running thirty four-carriage metro trains an hour results in a very different traffic flow from running twenty six-carriage trains. Who would have guessed?

I worked all morning on the mail server I have put on my site and I finally had it working by lunchtime. I left several messages and got responses from the site thanking me and reminding me of what I had posted. I had used my site as a laboratory, as I often do, and now I understood what I needed to do, I could turn my attention to the Buddyschool site, where the mail server actually had to work.

Accordingly, I had a sandwich and then switched to Buddyschool. Aargh, I thought: I had set this one up on CentOS7. I worked my way through and then realised that almost nothing that I had learned would transfer over. I had a dilemma: should I start again learning the dialect that CentOS7 speaks, or should I create another Linode using Ubuntu and migrate the working site over.

In the end I decided on the second approach. I reasoned that I may need to migrate the site at some point in the future for any number of reasons, and therefore anything I learn doing this will probably have some future value. Learning two flavours of Linux may have no value at all, given that I harbour no ambitions to work as a full-time server guy.

I had a major bus kerfuffle on the way home. I leapt into the 97 at Itis and sat with the others waiting for the driver to appear. When he didn’t muttering began and eventually we all got off. By this time I had missed the 93 and waited for the 95. This didn’t appear and so a group of disgruntled people milled around for fifteen minutes until two 95s appeared at the same time. This at least meant that everyone got a seat.

At home I phoned Naa and then started more snow sweeping to counteract the effect of the snowplough and the last twenty four hours of gentle snow. This felt like pleasant exercise since the temperature had risen to just below zero.

Afterwards I shower and then return to reading The Remains of the Day, which I continue to find interesting for elusive reasons.
I sit reading at the desk in what we used to call Naa’s room, and I look up at some point and notice the reflection in the window, or rather the multiple layered reflections. I take several photographs and then put the book down and spend a long time adjusting the light on the best of the images to produce a reasonable image.

I will read until bedtime, and then go to bed wondering what I will dream tonight.