Wednesday, June 27

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Sundö, 12:00

Last night the cat slept like a log, quietly positioned on a pile of cushions. I woke spontaneously at 7:50, switched the alarm off, and woke Naa at 8:05. Auo stayed asleep until almost 10:00.

The morning was hot and we showered and washed our hair in the sauna house, after which I spent almost three hours cleaning it.

At the moment Sunshine has parked itself on the verandah where the sun is strongest. Later Naa will come home for lunch, and then learn that there is no work this afternoon, and none tomorrow because Camilla and Mikael will be in Porvoo.

The sunshine will give way to a brief thunderstorm before returning in a cloudy sort of way. Irma will phone to say that she has seen Moonshine on the website of an Animal Rescue place. We will look at the photos, compare them with some photos on my iPad, and decide it is not Moonshine. Irma will then compare them with some photos on her computer in Helsinki and decide that it is.

I expect that we will find out one way or another fairly soon, since Irma is determined to go and claim it.

In the middle of the afternoon, the library bus will come and books will be borrowed. Later we will take rubbish to Tirmö, and the girls will go jogging for the second evening in a row.