Thursday, February 8



Arcada, 10:30


Irma slept late this morning because she had late evening adventures in Karelia yesterday and will work late tonight. I got up at 7:30, washed and crept out without waking even the cat.

Snow fell hard and I walked to Itäväylä for the first time in weeks and caught the 97. I responded to a student’s draft thesis, answered some mail, adjusted my plans for Period 4, and had a long conversation with Nathalie about international research. At 10:20 I packed up my laptop and left the building.

Outside Arcada I stand in the heavy snow and watch a woman with a dog. For a moment or so she stands frozen like a character from a comicbook version of The Crow in an almost monochrome landscape. Eventually she walks on, but not before I have captured her soul in a photograph.

I will catch the tram to Sörnäinen, the metro to Kalasatama, and walk to Pixelache. Oliver will arrive not too much later. We will discuss our plans for Convivial Mechanics in 2018, having talked through our reactions to the Digital Life Collective meeting on Monday.

At 13:20 we will decide to get some lunch and walk towards Fafa. Only two hundred metres from Pixelache we will pass Ravintola Lampö, and I will ask about it. We will go in and find a lunchtime buffet that includes pea soup, chicken and fish, and a creamy dessert with optional pancakes for 10.40€. I will eat loads, like it all, and add Ravintola Lampö to my list of places to have lunch.

By 16:30 we will have our three major events for the year planned and budgeted. We will have a detailed breakdown of the first event, which we will hold at the newly opened Kuusi Palaa on Saturday March 3. We will also have abandoned our idea of bringing Starhawk over to run a workshop for a lot of reasons, even though I think we could gather a huge audience that would appreciate her.