Sunday, January 28

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The woods, 12:30


This morning we changed our routine. We leapt up and had breakfast before I even had a chance to think about going for a walk. While we ate we could see snow starting to fall.

After we have eaten I decide that I will walk through the woods. I also decide that I will only take my keys and my phone. I turn left at Linnanherrantie and walk down to the long path that leads eventually to the ring road. As I walk along I notice that the scene seems entirely monochrome. I photograph the electricity pylons as I walk under them.

I will turn left before the end of the path and walk along Lappeentie, until I turn left and walk down to the children’s playground. All this time I will listen to OMD’s recent album The Punishment of Luxury, which will fit the scene perfectly.

In the afternoon we will collect Naa and visit Irma’s father. After dropping Naa home we will decide to go to Lidl for some of their Walnut ice cream, which we have both taken a liking to. We will find ourselves wanting to try the new Lidle To Go chilli burgers. We both take one.

Outside the store Irma takes a bite of hers and gives the rest to me. I am left eating one and a half burgers that taste disgusting. They appear to contain some liquid cheesy substitute instead of cheese, and it leaves a nasty aftertaste.

Lidl have an odd product mix. Some things make us go there eagerly and some things make us wish we hadn’t.