Sunday, June 17

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Sundö, 26:00

Today nobody let the cat out, The weather had changed dramatically. It was cold, wet and miserable. It felt like the kind of morning that was better spent in a centrally heated house with hot, running water than in a just-opened summer house with warm water in the sauna house.

We left for Pellinki in pouring rain, although by the time we got there at 15:00 it was clearing. Everyone was in a jolly mood, and the house actually seemed very welcoming.

Now we have got everything unpacked and Auo and Naa have been to collect wild flowers from the garden. Soon Naa and I will get the ferry to the shop where we will meet Ville and Margit, whose birthday it is. Oddly, coming back on the ferry in a biting wind is when I will suddenly feel that the summer has begun.

Later the wind and rain will combine into a first class storm, which will continue until bedtime.