Friday, June 15

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Arcada, 16:10

Auo has been with me all day, and Naa came for lunch. Today it was baked potatoes with coronation chicken filling. The consensus was that it was not as good s yesterday but still much better than school food. As Naa pointed out, it is school food done properly.

I have spent the day tidying up and packing things away, as well as making sure that I have everything with me that I intend to take to Sundö. I have also finished doing all my administration, including making sure that everyone has all the credits they should have.

I have helped Auo with her new iPod Nano, while she spent an hour or more making an 85th birthday card for her grandfather using Microsoft Paint. She delved deeper into the missions in Club Penguin for an hour or so, and I was impressed. It has changed tremendously, and for the better, since I last looked at it.

In the afternoon I printed some more out for Tidi, the South African film-making student. I did some long distance teaching, helping a first year student get a website up and running on (which I have finally started pruning to get rid of the dead and dying sites rotting there).

Now we are going to get a final cup of hot chocolate from the machine that Auo likes so much. After that I will say goodbye to Tommy, and we will leave to visit Ukki in hospital and give him his birthday cards.