Sunday, December 3

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Töölö, 15:53


Since we spent yesterday in Sundö, we spent this morning doing the cleaning that we didn’t do yesterday. I enjoyed the slow enforced rhythm of the cleaning as I moved down from ceiling to floor and progressed slowly through each room. Sunshine came and went as the process rolled on. Since the weather varied between rain and sleet he added to the cleaning every time he reappeared from outside.

In the early afternoon we drove to Itis to pick up Naa, who stood waiting in the drizzle. We drove to Töölö to see Irma’s father, and the two of them spent a long time singing hymns and Christmas carols. We left when he sat down for food.

Now we stand waiting for the lift down from the third floor. I notice the pattern inherent in the stairwell. I notice it for so long that Irma and Naa get the lift without me. I walk down the stairs, past the mysterious line of rubber boots on the second floor, and meet them at the bottom.

Naa will return for a dinner of chicken and pasta, after which Irma will drive her home.

We will talk about the cyclone that has hit Kerala and decide that we will donate to the relief effort rather than giving each other Christmas presents. We will also wonder about how else we might help, given that we feel attached to the places that have suffered most. About eighty fishermen have failed to return from sea in the Kovalam area.

I will read, think, shower, and go to bed early.