Thursday, June 14

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A306, Arcada, 14:30

This morning Auo and I left for Arcada. We spent the first half of the morning getting a computer working for her. There were problems with my profile and once these were sorted out she was into Club Penguin. By pure coincidence this is Day One of the Club Penguin / Marvel event. A meteorite has hit the town and Marvel superheroes and villains are fighting to save/destroy the world as we know it.

It looks like a major upgrade. The few small enclaves on the island have been replaced by bulging metropolitan versions, and the villains are exploding cars and challenging the heroes to snowball fights. Auo was impressed.

I spent the rest of the morning and some of the afternoon helping some South African students print posters and dvd covers for their movie.

Naa turned up at 12:00 for lunch, because she had heard that it was oven-baked sausages today. The three of us ate, and the girls decided that tomorrow’s lunch of baked potato and chicken filling merited a visit too.

Now I am writing while Auo is battling villainous penguins in her Black Widow outfit. Outside the weather is clear blue. I have a curtain drawn to keep the sun out and when I lok round I notice I have a superhero shadow show, as Mickey Mouse faces off against the anonymous robot.

Later we will go home and wait for Irma to return from the vet with a freshly vaccinated Sunshine.