Monday, November 13

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Rohdinkuja, 17:40


I went to bed at 21:30 last night and woke for the first time at 6:00. I woke with a sore throat and a nose filled with phlegm. I got up feeling shivery at 7:30, washed, dressed, ate my Shredded Wheat, and left for the bus stop with two bags: my usual one and the one that contained my laptop. I got to Arcada to discover that Jutta had stayed at home because she had a sore throaty and felt shivery.

I spent the morning writing up things from Copenhagen, and dealing with various matters to do with Arcada and Pixelache. I had a tutorial with two students at 11:00 but one emailed to say he could not come and the other didn’t come. At 12:00 I went to the mall to buy bread and cheese and other lunchtime edibles.

In the afternoon I went through a series of calls for papers that I had received. I made a list of ones I might possibly want to respond to with an abstract. I then decided that I needed to ask Nathalie about finances before actually typing anything. I have no intention of submitting abstracts to conferences I will never visit.

Tomas persuaded me to act as examiner for an MA student who has almost finished the final draft of her thesis. I reminded Maria that she had said she would act as an examiner for one of my MA students. She promised to find something to give to Tomas to complete the circle. I left work shortly after darkness fell.

I turn left into Rohdinkuja at about 17:35 and as I turn right into our drive I see the electric birds that Irma wired to the ladder yesterday. They glow brightly in the darkness. They also make me laugh. Irma and Naa spent a long time yesterday afternoon fixing their little feet to the steps of the ladder with thin wire, after trying to make them stand up in various parts of the garden. They appear to have succeeded.

During the evening I will read the papers Paul has sent us from SISP and listen to the way in which Irma thinks we could construct a project that we could organise there. By bedtime it will involve Arcada, Helsinki City, Supercell, and other potential actors. It will sound both interesting and possible. Realistically, if Supercell decide to say yes then everyone else will fall in behind them.

I will decide to have some cold medicine and go to bed (slightly) early.