Tuesday, June 12

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Arcada, 15:45

This morning I woke up with both legs aching. My right arm joined in. I presume that this is the consequence of following two weekend runs with two and a half hours cycling yesterday evening.

I hobbled to the bus stop and got to Arcada. I spent the morning doing some final administration, before switching to thesis-related reading. Tommy returned from Greece. At lunch time Jutta made her final appearance of the academic year because she, like the others, was going to attend a long presentation designed to teach us how to deal with murderous students. They were taught combat training and how to play dead, in Finnish.

I had something else to do. I worked with a student on the final problems of a WordPress installation he has built for his pre-thesis project.

Now I am walking towards the front door, pausing to take a photograph before going out to buy some milk and biscuits. While I am at the shops there will be a sudden downpour and I will realise that my headache has been due to atmospheric pressure. The rain will stop after ten minutes and the headache will walk away.

Later I will carry on reading and gathering quotations, and even do some actual writing, before racing home to find out if Auo actually bought the iPod Nano she has been wanting.