Friday, October 27

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Vartiokyläntie, 8:05


Irma planned to work from home today so I got up quietly, ate breakfast and tiptoed out. I walked out into a brief winter wonderland. The sun had not yet risen, the ground felt crisp underfoot, the streetlights cast an eerie glow over everything. The snow had obviously continued for most of the night because it clung to the trees like special effects from a pre-war movie.

I look at my watch and I have just missed one bus, which means I have twelve minutes until the next one. I decide that I can walk to Puotila in that time. Halfway to Alepa I stop to photograph the scene. The mix of street light, early dawn, and traffic bouncing off the snow makes for a wonderful walk. A bus will pass me about two minutes from Puotila but I won’t care.

Nathalie and I will have a long talk about the future of Omtänk, and about our relationship with BFM. We would like both to develop further and faster. I will agree to read one of Matteo’s papers to see if I can improve the grammar.

At 10:00 Emilia and Josefin will arrive, and we will begin the long process of debugging their code. We will identify four separate issues and will have solved the most important three by 14:30 when the coding twins have to leave. I will spend an hour thinking through the remaining problem and come up with a solution that will work if they accept it. It constitutes a step sideways, or a nifty piece of footwork, that solves the problem by redefining it out of existence, so they may not readily embrace it.

I will email them and see what they say on Monday.

At 15:30 I will set the assignment for the CMS course, and after that I will leave for the weekend, expecting to find Naa at home by the time I arrive.

I will arrive to find Irma and Naa eating and join in. Later Irma will go to Prisma to buy a pillow, and arrive home with so much more.

We will sit and chat. Naa will feel flu-ish and go to bed early. We will continue.