Wednesday, October 25

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Suvilahti, 15:10


Yesterday I walked across Itäväylä and got the 97V. Today I did the same but it arrived seven minutes late, by which time I had already watched the 93 whiz down Itäväylä, thus ruining the whole point of the exercise.

I began the morning with a long talk with Jutta about grid design. She started teaching and I began looking through the Foundation 6 documentation. I then looked at the in-built gallery functions in WordPress, and wondered how I would manage to stretch this to a full session. I decided that I wouldn’t, but would instead ask the class to redesign their existing WordPress site using a grid system.

That should cause hours of fun.

At lunchtime I left for Pixelache where Aga and I finalised the 2018 action plan we had drawn together last week. We rewrote parts of it to take account of the very few comments that members had left on the original draft. We then modified last year’s proposed budget to take account of the changes in the programme. Jan joined us and went through it all, and agreed that it felt as though we had done all we could. He suggested that we leave these with him so that he can sit down on his own tomorrow and use the documents to fill in the online application forms.

I agree that I will post the action plan and proposed budget online so that members can see them before Jan submits them, and Aga and I leave Pixelache. Outside in the cold, she cycles off. I look up at the building works and photograph their current progress. I decide to walk up to Sörnäinen and get a bus back to Arcada.

I will then spend an hour with Jutta trying to understand a css problem that occurred in her class. Neither of us will work out why the problem happens, although it feels as though something has gone wrong with the cascade. The problem could lie in the html or in the css, so we will spend most of our time trying to find the scene of the crime. By the time I leave even that will remain unclear.

At home Irma will continue to amuse us both with her reactions to The Unknown Soldier and I will finish reading Shell Shocked, Howard Kaylan’s autobiography: a story of his times with The Turtles, Frank Zappa, and Flo & Eddie, which seem to have consisted mostly of industrial quantities of drugs, failed relationships, and bad management, interspersed by highly unlikely opportunities such as writing the music for the Strawberry Shortcake cartoons and somehow getting involved with My Little Pony.