Monday, October 16

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Naa’s old room, 18:00


It looked like rain again and so I walked to the bus stop. Today I varied my routine dramatically. I walked to this bus stop instead of that one. Standing waiting for the 93 or 97 last week I had noticed the 97V at the traffic lights, turning left. I had also noticed that it cam about eight minutes before my bus. Today I crossed Itäväylä and waited for the 97V. I arrived in Itäkeskus at approximately the same time as I would normally board the bus.

Jutta had arrived back from ten days in Spain and gave me a packet of pina colada flavoured tea. It didn’t taste like my memories of pina colada, but it didn’t taste bad.

I started the morning by rewriting the grant application for Harald again, based on the email that I had received yesterday evening. I cut the two hundred words out, as asked, and given our section a title, and then sent it to Nathalie. She returned it with some comments asking for further changes. I made those and emailed it to Harald.

I then turned my attention to reading the criteria for Sanomat funding, which has no specific deadline. I decided that I could put together an interesting application in time to submit it at the start of 2018.

I then answered Harald’s mail, made some more changes and tried to find two people willing to serve on an advisory board. Irma said yes and wrote Harald a confirmation. Camie said yes in principle.

The afternoon passed in a similar kind of way, until Jutta left to deal with her turtle and I started going through Emilia’s site to see how easily I will turn it into a WordPress site.

Arriving home I wander through the house and discover this view in Naa’s old room. I photograph it before night falls and the view dissolves or changes.

We will spend the early evening in the garden. We will disconnect the outdoor hose and put it in the attic for the winter. I will rake up the leaves in the garden. Irma will tend plants.

Later, indoors, I will fix a lamp and scrape several candles’ worth of wax off the floor, I will then finish The War Amongst The Angels and feel that I will have to wait for a bit before deciding what I think about it.