Sunday, October 15

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Itäväylä, 11:40


When we finally get up I can see no rain and so I go for a forty five minute walk. As I walk along Itäväylä I see brightly coloured leaves hiding a brightly coloured candy bar. I photograph them for no reason at all.

After brunch we will collect Naa and go to see Irma’s father. We will take him for a walk around Töölö, since the rain has stopped for the first time in days, and the wind has died down. We will find it difficult to tell if he enjoys it or not, since he says very little and remains expressionless for much of the time. Naa will point out that he found going uphill amusing, but not going downhill.

When we get to Naa’s apartment we will go in. I will take my toolbox, which I have brought with me. We will spend two hours making, or more accurately remaking, the sofa that her neighbour gave Naa. It comes from Ikea and Naa has some instructions on her phone.

The sofa has an L-shape and the architecture of Naa’s apartment requires me to assemble if this way instead of the that way the previous owner had used. Bits will come off, and bits will get put back the other way round. Eventually it will all work, and Naa will happily sit on it.

We will drive home for a later-than-expected dinner and showers.