Friday, October 13

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Hämeentie, 10:17


It has rained in Helsinki almost nonstop for about ten days. This morning it didn’t. I walked to the bus stop in the dry.

I began the morning by writing up yesterday’s session and preparing lengthy notes for the assignment the students will do over the next ten days. I then started to draw together all the material that I might need for writing the Pixelache grant blurb, and putting all the links in one place.

I realise that I have packed the case that holds my glasses into my bag, but left the glasses at home. I have small print to read so I walk to the mall to get some new glasses in Tokmanni. They will cost 9.99€ and feel more comfortable when I read than the 2€ ones from Tiger that they have replaced. On the way out of Arcada I see a drainpipe dripping water. In fact I hear it before I see it. I stop and photograph it. Apparently it has rained today, if only for a short while.

At midday will I have a long and productive meeting with Micke about the meeting we will have in Copenhagen in November to finalise the content of the Nobanet e-course. This will extend into a lunchtime meeting because we both suddenly feel hungry.

In the afternoon I will write, have a meeting with Nathalie, and continue to gather information for Pixelache’s grant applications. Some members will respond to my mails and send in summaries of their plans for next year. Facts, we want facts!

At 16:30 I will leave for home and the weekend.