Monday, October 9

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Itäväylä, 8:01


I woke at 7:30 seconds before my alarm went off, feeling properly rested. As I ate my cereal the rain started, and my idea of cycling ended. I took an umbrella and walked to the bus.

Waiting alone at the bus stop, as the darkness fades away, I watch a fire engine race past with its siren on. The lights make reflective patterns on the wet road. It has the road to itself as all of the cars have pulled over at the lights to let it through.

An 841 will come unexpectedly and I will get to Arcada earlier than expected. Nathalie and I will finalise my arbetidsplan before anyone else arrives. I will spend the morning preparing the information I need to write Pixelache’s city grant application, and dealing with various student requests for meetings and comments on half-finished assignments.

Naa’s case for her Macbook will finally arrive from Amazon, so I will message her.

I will spend the afternoon in a Media Management meeting where we will discuss what constitutes an academic reference. I will suggest we might write a paper about it and only Monica will spot the joke. I will then rehearse for CMS tomorrow and create suitable code snippets. I will talk to Emilia and Josefin about our meeting tomorrow, and then accept that the email BFM sent Liisa on Friday evening has not left us enough time to join them in their project.

They plan to apply for a large EU grant and have given us about five hours to locate or prepare a large pile of documents including the paper establishing Arcada’s legal standing and the last five years’ audited accounts. These two alone would require several appointments to track down and obtain permission to use. Apparently they also invited Jönköping University at the same time they invited us, since they needed three institutions to form a partnership. Even if we made superhuman efforts and somehow managed to assemble everything the project would still only go ahead if Jönköping had managed to do the same.

The rain will stop about 15:30 and I will leave for home at about 16:30.