Sunday, October 8

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Garden, 13:00


Naa brought some sheets and pillows round with her yesterday because although she now has a washing machine and an iron she does not yet have an ironing board. Päivi has said she will buy her one, but this has not happened yet. Irma and Naa pulled the sheets, and then Naa ironed her stuff and I ironed ours.

The rain starts again before we get ready to leave. I stand under the eaves waiting for Irma and Naa. I look at the bush fading away for winter and step out to photograph it. I have yet to see any proper reds this autumn, only various shades of yellow.

We will go to see Irma’s father and then take Naa home. We will go in to look at her new carpet and Naa will give me a suit that a friend of hers gave her when he moved apartment. (He also gave her the carpet, an iron, a mop, and a new sofa.)

Irma will have an extremely subtle but clever idea on the way home which will cheer me up a great deal.

When we get home we will look in the woods to see if anyone has moved the dead cat. They haven’t and so I will take a spade, dig a shallow grave and bury it. The drizzle will turn into heavy rain.

We will both go to bed early and sleep through the night.