Thursday, October 5

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Hameentie, 16:35


It looked like it might rain any moment but I cycled anyway. It started to rain hard just as I got off my bike at the metro.

I spent the morning preparing for this afternoon’s CMS session which, because of the low turnout on Tuesday, will largely consist of a rerun, with exciting extras.

I also read an MA thesis that interested me, and scanned and sent the receipts for my face-cream workshop to Jan at Pixelache.

This afternoon’s CMS session filled up rapidly until I could see everyone who should have attended sitting in front of a computer. I went through Tuesday’s programme for a second time, diverging from time to time to keep the people who did attend on Tuesday interested. By the end of the session everyone claimed to understand what we had done.

I leave the building and walk to the tram. My leg has stopped hurting and so I have stopped limping. I can still feel my foot, but it aches, if that. The sky has an ominous looking cloud formation and I can feel dampness in the air. I have a cardigan and a jacket on. Summer has definitely ended.

I will cycle home just as I cycled to work this morning. I will feel rain about to start and it will arrive suddenly as I put my bike round the back of the house. I will go into the house and free the cat. Sunshine will look outside at the rain and wind and not even ask to go out.

I will read, do accounts, shower, clean the house, and go to bed. I will wake briefly to hear Irma arriving home sometime before midnight. For the first time since Sunday I will sleep until dawn without the cat disturbing me.

He really has missed Irma.