Friday, September 29

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Hameentie, 11:00


For the second morning on the run the autumn cyclist felt the need for gloves he did not have on his person.

I began the day at Arcada by creating an agenda for a meeting on Monday and setting an assignment for the CMS group. The rest of my plans then fell off the wagon as I got an email from Cecilia pointing out that most of the scripts for the Nobanet videos made no sense at all when you looked at them closely.

I looked at them closely and agreed, so I set about rewriting eight of the nine. The ninth had my signature on it so, in my opinion, clearly didn’t need rewriting. This took the rest of the morning.

At 11:00 I decide to take a break. Ninety minutes of winkling sense out of badly written prose has made my head ache. I look out of the window, notice the autumn colours, and decide to walk downstairs and outside to look at them. For a brief period Helsinki has a wide range of reds, yellows and orange on display, and a perfect sun to illuminate them.

I will spend the afternoon with Emilia and Josefin going over their website with a very fine toothcomb. I will suggest various changes and they will make them. By the time they leave we all believe that they have finished this stage of the work, and they can confidently demo the site next Friday. The mobile version appears clear and good-looking, and it folds out into a nice desktop design.

I will finish the day with some unnecessary Pixelache business caused by someone asking if they should do something rather than just doing it. If you ask if you should do something then the people you ask will assume that they have to have something to say about it and will complicate the issue until it is complex enough to discuss. And then people will have opinions and feel the need to disagree with the opinions of others.

If you just do it people will not notice until later, when they will congratulate you.