Tuesday, September 19

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Arcada, 16:50


This morning Irma had to take the car for its annual check-up at the gas station five minutes walk away. I got her bike out and pumped up the tyres with the new miracle pump, so that she can cycle to work.

I spent most of the morning making slides for the CMS class this afternoon. Nobody had left any comments in the discussion forum so I assumed that they had all watched the videos and had understood everything they had watched.

My assumption proved correct. The group has already moved ahead of the schedule I had planned, and they move further ahead this afternoon. I introduce Cloud 9 today instead of on Thursday, and they begin working with it.

The CMS class ends and I go back to my desk because I have two MA tutorials to do now. I look round for some papers and notice the 3D collage that constitutes my shelves. I decide to allocate some time next week to tidying it up. Today I content myself with photographing it.

The first tutorial will take ten minutes of the allotted forty five and the second tutorial will take ninety minutes of the allotted forty five.

When I get home my iPad will tell me that it wants to upgrade to iOS11. I encourage this, and before I go to bed I will take a peek at the alleged new wonderment that will await me when I try to use it tomorrow.