Monday, September 18

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Kalasatama, 15:00


I cycled to Puotila wondering whether I had enough clothes on. I decided that I probably did.

I spent the morning answering mails, writing notes from last week’s activities, and consolidating my knowledge about face creams into a thirty minute talk.

I walked to K-Market with Jutta and bought a big block of cheese that had Gouda written on it for no reason at all. Certainly it didn’t describe the cheese in the packet; at least not in a way that a Dutch person would agree with.

I spent the first part of the afternoon in a team meeting in which reports got given and plans got made.

At 14:45 I leave the building to walk to Pixelache to help build some of the installations for the festival. My foot seems to have stopped hurting as I walk at normal speed with only a few twinges. The landscape has changed yet again and I can now walk straight down to the metro station. It continues to look like the set of a science fiction film.

When I get to the station I will get a shock. The current arrangement seems to leave absolutely no way to get from the station to Suvilahti without walking almost to Sörnainen. My foot will start to hurt and I will not feel like walking any further. I will walk back to the metro and go home.

I will let Sunshine out and notice him outside the door again ten minutes later. I will go to let him in and notice that he has a very large black and white bird dangling out of both sides of his mouth. He will show me and wander off again.

Irma will work late and by the time she gets home Sunshine will have returned to fall asleep on the sofa. Presumably to sleep off his dinner.