Saturday, September 16

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Sundö, 17:33


I got home last night to find Naa and Irma sitting there talking. Everyone felt tired and so we had an early night. This morning we skipped breakfast in favour of driving to Pellinge for the autumn market.

We got to Sundö and began to pack up the house. An hour later we drove to the market to have breakfast at Benita’s cafe: egg bread and steaming mugs of coffee.

The market filled and we squeezed through buying various fishes and vegetables. We got bread and buns from the woman from Loviisa.

In the afternoon we mowed the lawn and packed everything away for winter. Irma and I sealed up the kitchen, and then Camilla, Johan and Mika arrived to help us turn over the boat and cover it.

We have almost finished our tasks. While Irma makes some final checks in the house, and I carry things to the car, Naa plays with the sheep. When I approach to photograph this, they turn around and trot over, giving me an entirely different image to the one I intended taking. I get an photograph of Naa watching irritatedly while the sheep trot in my direction.

The day has had fast-moving weather. Sudden rain has alternated with sunny periods. When we finally leave we will enter another set of rain.

We will eat salmon and fresh vegetables. Naa will go home. We will discover a new episode of George Gently and watch that.