Sunday, June 10

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Garden, 18:00

This morning I got up and ran. I decided to find out how long my run was using a pedometer app I had installed on my iPad. So I ran with my bag over my shoulder and got back to discover that I had apparently run 0.93km. I was horrified. Irma got the car out and we drove round the course and the car said that it was 1.5km. That’s better!

Then I began painting things white. I started with the door frame, and then I moved onto a chest of drawers that we have in the bedroom. This was tricky. Paint rolled off it, and it took three coats before it looked anything like we intended.

The cat is out in the garden and is determinedly laying around. Whatever we think of it (and everyone else likes it a lot) it is certainly much less trouble than Moonshine, the cat that seems to have run off.

Later I will carry on painting until we decide that it is done. We will then look through all the things that we took out of the drawers and be very surprised to discover what we own. This includes several saris and some mini-usb leads that nobody can remember seeing before.