Friday, September 8



Arcada, 11:50


I left home fifteen minutes early because Irma needed to meet Kipa, Emilia and Josefin so that they could all go and present Buddy School to teachers. I left early to avoid crowding the house with simultaneous leaving.

I spent the first part of the morning writing up minutes from two meetings. I spent the second part in a long Skype call with Oliver about the way in which we will structure the Convivial Mechanics session at the festival. By the end of the conversation I began to see how it might work. We arranged to meet at his house next Tuesday evening to continue the planning.

When the meeting ends I walk out into the corridors to clean my cup before filling it with soup for lunch. I notice the cleaner’s trolley parked in an alcove by the disabled toilet. The light makes it look more interesting than it usually seems so I record it for posterity. It proves impossible to get a sharp picture with the lens on the iPad, even though I kneel in the corridor for five minutes experimenting.

At 13:00 I will have a meeting about the summer course with Stig and Lasse. We will sort out some important issues including the thorny one of how to credit students who do not finish the assignments because they have no interest in getting credits. We can up with a plan that will enable students to receive credits per module. If this had operated this year it would have doubled the number of students registered as receiving a grade from the course. That would have made people very happy indeed.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the possibilities of getting research grants from Kone and the Finnish Academy. I will have email conversations with Matteo about this, and we will begin to make plans, on which I will have to move like lightening next week.