Thursday, September 7

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Pixelache, 17:20


I cycled to Puotila again, after yesterday’s brief hiatus.

I spent the morning reading some material for next week, planning grant applications, and preparing for the afternoon class. I spent the afternoon leading the second session of the CMS course.

At 17:00 the class finished and I raced out into the drizzle with my umbrella. Looking at the weather forecast had paid off. I walked to Suvilahti to find that the route had changed again but an even more direct route had become possible.

I sit in the sparsely attended Pixelache members’ meeting and look out of the window at the car park, the trees, the portakabins and the building works. The rain appears to have stopped for the moment but the sky remains gray and the first hints of darkness hang in the air.

The meeting will accept two new members and make a series of short and quick decisions. It will finish and instantly get reborn as the monthly board meeting. This will ratify all the decisions that the members made and make some crucial decisions about next year’s funding applications.

When the meeting finishes I will walk round the building site to Kalasatama, catch the metro, get off at Itäkeskus, walk through the mall, and cycle from Puotila.

As I cycle in the near-dark I will remember that I had forgotten to put my bicycle lights in my bag this morning. I will wish that I hadn’t.