Tuesday, September 5

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Home, 17:40


I cycled to Puotila, got a metro, got a tram, arrived at Arcada, and started working on an assortment of emails that I had listed last night when I drew up plans for all my upcoming activities.

I emailed Asle, Erik and Micke about the meeting next week in Riga. I got replies within an hour from all of them. These led to some email conversations, and sorted a lot of stuff out. I emailed Emilia and Josefin about the meeting with Irma tomorrow, and about Emilia’s participation by Skype from Bournemouth. Again, conversation resulted. I emailed Oliver about the Pixelache Festival and heard nothing back. He may be in Germany, but hopefully he will return for Thursday’s meetings.

I then set up Its Learning for the CMS course. I created folder structures, filled the folders with material, set up the attendance module, and checked all the registrations.

At 13:15 I started the CMS course, and at 16:45 I left for home.

Arriving home on my bike, I slide into the carport and look around. I see the ropes dangling from the wall, something I never notice unless the car has gone somewhere. The ropes consist of a mixture of adult ropes and old skipping ropes of Auo’s. The camel comes from one of Irma’s Indian purchases years ago.

I will find a note telling me that Sunshine stayed out all day. I will find him fast asleep on Naa’s old bed. He will sleep almost all the time until Irma arrives home at 20:00.

I will go for a lengthy dusk walk and listen to OMD’s new album The Punishment of Luxury. I will find it very interesting for several reasons. It sounds good. It sounds like the eighties. It sounds like they spent a week listening to their own back catalogue while arguing about the relative merits of Kraftwerk and The Pet Shop Boys.

It certainly made me feel that I will listen to it again.