Sunday, September 3

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Tirmo, 14:50


We got up reasonably early, had breakfast, and did some more work in the garden. I washed some paintbrushes before they hardened and became useless. I had previously placed one of the brushes in a cup with a broken handle and, while washing the cup, I ripped my right thumb open. When I looked I had a deep and nasty cut right across and down the heel of my thumb. Irma made a proper girl scout bandage so that I looked like a character in a cartoon.

Then we got ready to leave.

Mikael and Camilla have spent most of the weekend on an island for an end-of-summer holiday, so we had a long chat with Johan before we drove away. We learned about the shennanigans at the summer party last weekend and chuckled at the outcome.

We get the old ferry across to Tirmo where we stop to put a bag of rubbish in the bins. While doing this Irma notices that someone has left two chairs by the side of a bin because they won’t fit through the hole. We decide that they should go in the bus shelter, and so I walk back down towards the ferry carrying them. I then arrange them in an inviting manner and wipe them with a cloth.

I photograph them and we decide to make sure we remember to look in two weeks time to see if they have remained there.

On the way to Porvoo we will notice another bus shelter that someone has equipped with unofficial street furniture.

When we get home I will spend an hour or so trying to align the rear wheel of my bicycle so that the chain is tight but the wheel does not scrape against the mudguard. After numerous test runs I will finally decide that it works properly.

At the end of this my bandage will be filthy and I will take it off. The cut has stopped bleeding and Irma’s bandage has held it tight so that it has sealed. As long as I don’t open it again then it will get better.