Saturday, September 2

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Sundö, 21:00


We sat up late yesterday evening and so we got up late this morning. We decided not to go to the market.

Camilla popped in while we ate lunch and after that we drove to the main island to get tomatoes from Ann-Maj and vegetables from Gunnell. On the way back from there we stopped at Benita’s to fill a water cannister and to drink the final beer of summer on Benita’s terrace.

Late in the evening, after a meal of fresh beans and pasta, we notice an extraordinary sunset, and rush out with a variety of photographic equipment to capture the moment. In this image you can just about see Irma standing on the jetty photographing something with her camera, while I photograph the sunset from dry land.

As soon as we have done this we will get ready for bed in the newly refurbished sauna and go to sleep.