Sunday, August 27

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Home, 11:50


Irma and Naa arrived home about 1:30. I woke up for maybe three minutes, said hello to Irma and then went back to sleep. At 11:00 we all woke up.

Irma has shown all the things that they bought. Since they took a bus to Grasse, a small village that has made perfumes and scents for approximately 270 years, they came back with more scents than they left with. Irma shows us this one, which I mistakenly assume they bought there. Later I will discover it came from duty free at Nice. In this high art imitates low art and seeks the high status that comes with knowingly appropriately the signs of low status.

Oh, the complex world of semiotics.

In the afternoon we will go to see Irma’s father, and then take Naa home. In the evening we will chat until I go out for a long walk. Then we will clean ourselves and go to bed early.