Friday, August 25

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Itäkeskus, 16:45


This morning I stepped outside briefly and decided that I had no option but to swap my cardigan for a proper autumn jacket. Summer has definitely packed up and gone.

I started the day with an hour-long email flurry to move the Nobanet videos along. This included emailing Erik who responded almost immediately to say he has almost completely recovered and will attend the meeting in Riga in three weeks.

At 10:15 I had a two hour meeting with Matteo and Gabriele from playRaven, a mobile games company based in Helsinki. We planned an action research project around gamification. We all seemed to agree about what we should do and if we actually get the funding to enable us to do it I will feel very happy.

I left work at about 13:00; firstly because it looked like rain and I wanted to try to avoid getting drenched while I cycled, and secondly because I had a series of errands to do.

I got home dry to find Sunshine dozing on the terrace. He came in as soon as I did. I fed him, left him in Naa’s room to carry on snoozing, and went off on my errands which took me to Itis, to Kulosaari, and then back to Itis.

I stand under a bus shelter in Itäkeskus, waiting for a 93 and keeping out of the increasingly heavy drizzle. I look at the bus stand opposite and like the way that the scene consists of broad horizontal bands in only a few colours.

When I get home the cat won’t even bother asking about going out because, just as I arrive, the drizzle turns into a heavy downpour which it can see through the window.

Darkness arrives earlier than it should.