Sunday, August 20

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Arcada, 11:50


I woke up early, courtesy of the cat, and went for a long pre-breakfast walk. I walked through the woods, down to the big woods, right along the Ringroad 1, up to Prisma, across Itäväylä, along to the gas station, over the road and along to the entrance to the woods, and back through the woods to home. This took a little over an hour, and involved listening to Jan and Dean.

After breakfast I sat and read. I decided to watch a dvd and could not get the dvd player to work. I almost decided to go and buy another one, and then decided not to. I contented myself with looking at the flowers round the house, making sure that none of them had dried out. I end up moving this one onto the cooker to get a closer look at it. I like the distorted reflection behind it.

In the afternoon I will look at my bike again and try to tighten the chain a little, before cycling to Alepa to buy a box for dinner. Since it will only get eaten by me I will chose the potato box, my favourite.

In the early evening I will vacuum clean and wipe all the surfaces, and do other such things such as wiping the door knobs and putting some laundry away. I will exchange whatsapp messages and photographs with Irma and Naa. The building where they have rented an apartment contains a big gray cat which appears in several pictures.

Sunshine will stay out most of the day and finally return about 21:00. I will fall asleep about 22:44.