Friday, August 18

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Kulosaari Chruch, 16:20


I spent this morning doing a number of small tasks very quickly. Possibly the most important of these involved me successfully logging into Irma’s new webspace for the Buddy School site. I also emailed Pixelache about hiring unemplyed young people to work at the festival, and liaised with Olivier and Egle about setting up the poetry generator at the festival.

After this I started to concentrate on looking through Foundation 6. Emilia then told me that she has a specific problem with the Foundation menus, and so I shifted from looking at Foundation in general to looking at how to combine two different building blocks.

At 15:30 I left for the Indian Embassy to pick up my passport with its new five-year visa. They had no other customers and the woman behind the counter recognised me, so the whole process took less than three minutes.

I walked to the embassy from the metro by walking to the school and then down the path the runs alongside it, turning left to pass Jyrki’s house. I walk back the other way. This takes me past the church where the school held a memorial service for Auo. I sit here for fifteen minutes not doing anything much; not even consciously thinking about Auo. Eventually I realise that the school and the church seem to have the ability to completely sap my energy.

I still miss her, and her presence in my life, very much indeed. I take one final look around and get up and walk past the school’s car park. On the way back to the metro I will notice that the R-Kioski opposite the school closed in January.

In the evening I will go for a long walk while Irma packs. When I get back calm will have settled and we will sit with a glass of wine.