Monday, August 14

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Outside Arcada, 11:52


I woke up to my alarm for the first time on weeks, and leapt out of bed. I could scarcely remember the weekday routine, but I got everything done and even remembered to put out the cat litter before I left, as I slowly got the hang of it.

I cycled to Puotila and wondered all the way whether the bike or my legs had a problem. The bike felt as though it had the brake on or my legs felt like ineffectual jelly. I decided that the laptop and the extra bag of books might have made the difference.

I got to work to meet Fred and Monica. Tomas, Kauko, Maria and Mirko joined us later. I spent the morning dealing with the final administration for the summer course.

At 11:30 I walk through the sun to get ingredients for lunch from S-Market. I discover that they have used the summer to rearrange the entire shop, so finding what I wanted will take much longer than expected. It does, of course, force me to look at almost every shelf in the shop.

On the way back I stop for a moment to look at Arcada’s building in the sun: the first time I have seen it since the middle of June. I find myself noticing the acute angles that feature in the architectural design.

I will spend most of the afternoon with Emilia and Josefin, who continue to make the web site for the Buddy School project. Following earlier discussions they have decided to build a dummy site in Foundation 6 and then transfer it to WordPress. Since this will form the backbone of the second half of the CMS course that I will teach between September and Christmas the time I spend with them also prepares me for the problems I will find teaching the course.

For once I have achieved perfect synergy.

I will leave early and get home about 16:40 because Irma will arrive late and the cat stayed out this morning. I will decide on the ride from Puotila that that bike does have something wrong with it. Once I have let the cat in and fed it I will start fiddling with the tyres. I will alter the position of the rear wheels and it will feel much better when I test it.

In the evening Irma and I will do some things in the garden and I will go for my first post-summer walk.