Thursday, August 10

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Sundövägen, 20:15


I woke up at 4am, thinking that I heard Sunshine. I got up and opened the door to see, but I saw nothing resembling a cat. I went back to bed but failed to go back to sleep.

At 4:30 the cat actually arrived, and I heard him trying to get in. I opened the door and he shot in, leapt on Auo’s bed, and fell fast asleep. I got back into bed and fell immediately asleep, and didn’t wake up until 8:30.

I got up and had breakfast without the cat noticing despite the fact that it lay on Auo’s bed less than a metre from the table. I took the washing out, washed myself, washed the dishes, and went back into the house to find the cat still deep asleep.

The weather forecast promised clear skies and bright sunshine. I noticed this as I looked out at the dark cloud and increasing wind. I spent the morning working on my marking until I finished everything except the final assignment. I went into the house at 13:00 to find Sunshine still sleeping. He opened his eyes to see who or what had arrived and went straight back to sleep when he saw me. Whatever he got up to all night it doesn’t seem to have involved much resting.

By the middle of the afternoon I finished the final assignments and added up the scores to form the final grades. I put it aside to look through tomorrow, before uploading the scores on Monday morning. I then went outside and painted for two hours, finishing the wall I intended to finish.

At 17:30 Naa arrived. We said hello and chatted for a while before I joined Pixelache online for the monthly members’ meeting. While I participated I also cooked Naa and I a meal. I logged out for twenty minutes while we ate, and then rejoined for the mercifully swift board meeting.

While we ate Naa completely surprised me by announcing that she had gone swimming while I sat skyping.

My day’s tasks completed I leap on the bike and cycle up and down the farm road. On the way back I stop to look at the landscape in the evening sun. I take a photo of the old barns from a distance in an effort to capture the colour and scale of the view. The sky has finally achieved the blue implied by this morning’s forecast but the wind has started up again. When I get back t the house I remove the plants from their places again, in case they hit the ground again.

I will chat to Naa and hope that the cat will come home at a reasonable time tonight. Sunshine will come home while we talk about whether or not it will come home. I will close the door and feed it and it will settle down on the bed next to Naa.

We will send WhatsApp pictures to Irma who will reply. We will have a quick phone conversation, and then Naa and I will get ready for bed. I will fall asleep at about 22:45.