Thursday, August 3

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Sundö, 11:11


We woke up to find the terrace soaking wet. Naa said that it thundered loudly in the night, and heavy rain fell for an hour or so. Neither Irma nor I had heard any of this.

After breakfast I look in the barn. I decide to photograph the hay we stacked for Instagram. I need more followers. I discover that photographing hay proves very hard indeed. Either it looks insipid and no colour at all, or it looks like a psychedelic display at a rural nightclub. I finally get a photograph for Instagram in which the hay looks golden, and I get this photograph in which the hay looks like cattle food from a far-off galaxy. As a documentary shot of a barn full of hay, this almost certainly doesn’t work. In its own right, though, I like the image.

I only wish I had managed to capture a picture of the alien farmers.

I will spend all afternoon painting a second coat on the washing area of the sauna house, and by the end we will all agree that it looks much better. It proved worth it. All it needs now: a new coat of paint on the floor; and that will happen next week.

In the afternoon the sun will come up and Irma and Naa will read and sunbathe until the wind joins in with great gusto, and they will get blown inside.

At 18:30 we walk to the field of blueberries and try some to see if they have ripened. They have.