Wednesday, June 6

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Garden, 19:20

This morning we discovered that New York and Santiago are on the same longitude and thus have the same time. Then I left for work.

At Arcada, I wrote a reference, gave out grades for last period’s courses, prepared for a thesis discussion, and failed once more to get my laptop fixed. I added a few more references to my thesis-writing notebooks, which exist in Evernote and not on paper.

Later I opposed the thesis, which makes a very brave but ultimately ill-advised attempt to link mp3-blogging with Adorno’s views of popular music. Finally, Aki appeared and we had fun trying to sync my laptop with the roaming profile that is supposed to be on the server. An hour or so later we both agreed that logging into my laptop locally would be an altogether better idea, although it might mean rebuilding some of my application settings.

Now I am at home, having been to collect Auo’s bike which Pate had fixed after my two attempts proved temporary solutions. The problem was apparently rooted in the gears themselves and not the chain.

Auo has raced in from cycling because there is a sudden downpour, and she has pointed out that there are two separate rainbows in the sky.

So there are.