Monday, July 24

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Sundö, 12:30


The promised heatwave disappeared overnight, and apologies from meteorological experts featured prominently in this morning’s online news. We woke into a cold wet morning that didn’t even begin to clear up until mid-afternoon.

At 12:15 I walk through the drizzle to see if the paper has arrived yet. It has. On the way back I stop in the farm shop to photograph it. Because the weather resembles late October there have been few if any customers this morning and the display looks pristine and inviting. Fresh vegetables that have travelled about three hundred metres always seems one of the best parts of spending summer here.

In the afternoon the rain will finally stop and we will mow the garden; or, more accurately, Irma will mow and I will pull all the weeds from around the fruit bushes and feed them to the sheep.

I will then cut down a big bushy tree and feed the leaves from that to the sheep. Just as I finish sawing through the trunk it will start raining heavily. We will go indoors and read.

Later it will stop raining and the sun will come out for just long enough to demonstrate the typical characteristics of a summer day.

Yesterday we rejoined the world of Instagram and today, in the rain, we will begin to turn this into a full-time hobby. Irma will trawl her photographs for something to upload and I will do the same. People will start liking them and suddenly we will have game on!