Saturday, July 15

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Sandholmsudden, 11:33


Hari slept in Naa’s cabin and we all got up slowly. The weather had improved and the sun had come out. We had a quick breakfast of coffee, for Hari and Irma, and Tesco smoothie for me.

We headed to the market where Hari saw Nina and Marie in full force, selling freshly caught, and freshly smoked, fish to locals, summer visitors, and tourists. I noticed that they had a lot of smoked flounder, which I do not recall noticing in previous years. Irma explained that she always used to eat flounder smoked as a child, and that she has only ever known it eaten that way. I spotted another interesting cultural difference.

I bought some vegetable pies from Titti for a late breakfast and then wandered down to the jetty area to see the boats. I notice the ramp where boats are raised from, and lowered into, the water. I can see a mixture of concrete, stones and sand, with water washing over them. I take several photographs to see if I can capture what I can actually see. Perhaps I just about manage.

In the afternoon the sun will become very hot, and I will sit in the garden with my shirt off reading, while Hari does yoga on the lawn. Then Irma and I will do some washing using the pulsaatori: bucket number one, and so on. I will carry 250 litres of water to the sauna house as my part in this process, thus feeling as active as Hari, but not necessarily as flexible.

Last night we stayed up talking and drinking until late. Tonight we will all go to bed early.