Friday, July 7

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Toy Museum, Borgå, 15:30


The promised storm didn’t arrive this morning. For the second day running Sunshine got up and shot out, failing to retuen for breakfast. We suspect he has somewhere in particular to go, and that that somewhere probably involves food.

After brunch Irma decided that we should go to a boating store on the Old Porvoo Road near Gumbostrand. She told Naa, who has a day off, and she decided that she wanted to come too.

We collected her and drove to look at a boat engine. Unfortunately by the time we got there the man who runs the shop had discovered that it wouldn’t start and he therefore could not sell it to us.

Finding ourselves halfway to Porvoo Irma suggested that we could go and visit the old town. Or we could drive home and do more weeding. Three hands went up in favour of an afternoon in Porvoo.

I went to Riverside Records to talk with Kalle, who looks very healthy and happy. When he started the shop he specialised in old vinyl, and people thought he had lost his senses. Now, when vinyl has become the big new trend and he runs the best source in south east Finland, everyone admires his prescience.

We walked up Jokikatu, looking in shops, and now we have walked down to the sea to look at another antique shop. We had intended to look in the Toy Museum but it closed half an hour ago. Naa peers into the window while I photograph some flowers against the wooden planks of the house next door.

We will end up in Brunberg, sampling chocolate, before driving home.

Sunshine will trot in as we arrive home.