Wednesday, June 28

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Farm, 11:42


I went to bed at 22:44 last night, slept through the night, and came instantly awake at 8:14, so I slept for exactly nine and a half hours. Sunshine may have woken me because when I surfaced I could see him sitting on the bed looking at me.

I went to the sauna to wash and it immediately became clear that the weather had changed. It felt hot and the wind had died down. I put the water heater on and went back and made breakfast. As if to confirm the change in weather Sunshine ate and then went straight out, unlike the last few days where he has gone out for five minutes and then shot back in again.

I set up the mosquito net around Naa’s bed and decided that I should probably work outside today. I spent the morning pulling up grass and expanding the amount of lawn we have. I gave big sheaves of grass and flowers to the three black sheep.

These sheep started out very timid but a large meal of maple leaves changed that and now they look up expectantly when I approach. They have taken to eating out of my hand, or at least eating bunches of grass while I hold them. I take a break and photograph them once they have wandered off a few metres. One of them looks round at me as I approach, hoping for grass or maple leaves, I assume. Seeing nothing like that he turns back to the short grass they have at their feet.

By midday the wind has turned into a warm breeze and, for the first time this week, I will wander round without a cardigan or jumper.

In the afternoon I will get some eggs from the farm shop and then go to Tirmo to buy some bread, makkara, and mustard. I will see Magnus outside Tirmobaren, but nobody else. In fact I will see nobody else all day.

I will carry on working in the garden and at about 17:00 Sunshine will appear wanting food.

In the evening I will talk with Irma on the phone and later I will phone Naa to tell her the weather has improved and may feel tolerable at the weekend.