Tuesday, June 13

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Hameentie, 12:20


The Supersää weather app shows both of the main Finnish weather forecaster’s predictions side by side. Today the two completely disagree about weather we should expect. The Meteorological Office promises rain all day. Foreca says we will have little or no rain at all. I decide to cycle, but put my fluorescent shower cape in my bag just in case.

I spend the morning in a frenzied continuation of yesterday’s work on this site. By midday I have https working on all three sites, using a certificate from Certbot, a project from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I also have a number of more minor changes implemented. I have spent the morning using the command line interface into my Linode, so I leave the building feeling very pleased with myself.

I made copious notes and I have stored all these in a dedicated Evernote Notebook. I have a second notebook for all the Linode help articles which I have compiled into a numbered workflow that covers everything from how DNS works to the complete command list for Nano the CLI text editor. I have also had to get up to speed with UFW, the firewall I have installed.

When I leave Arcada the sun has come out, and it looks as though Foreca will win today’s competition. I walk to Dylan, where I will meet Oliver to discuss Convivial Mechanics. As I near the library I spot this rather nice piece of graffiti, or street art, or whatever. I like it.

Oliver and I will spend an hour working out a plan for the next year of our work, and it will all start to make sense.

I will walk back and spend the afternoon alternating between end-of-year tasks and fixing the mobile workflow for WordPress. This will involve going back into the server and altering the maximum filesize for uploads, as well as a few other tweaks. Then I will hold my breath and reboot the server. All will appear to go well.

I will test by uploading today’s photograph, before racing home as the clouds begin to darken.