Tuesday, June 6

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Porthaninrinne, 12:15


Irma and I left home together at 8:45 for a meeting at Stoa at 9:00. Emilia and Josefin presented their report to Irma and Kipa while Jutta and I sat and watched; joining in as needed. The presentation worked well, both in terms of content and style. They had created the presentation using the slides as art approach and it worked well. Their recommendations included a suggested colour palette and their slides served as examples of that in action.

When it all finished Irma offered to take everyone to lunch, and everyone except me accepted. I had to race back to Arcada for a Skype conference with an MA student who wants me to supervise his thesis. After that I raced out again to Hakaniemi for my own lunch meeting.

I can never achieve precise timing with public transport and so I find myself outside the restaurant fifteen minutes early. Standing in Toinen Linja I notice the sea at the other end of Porthaninrinne and so I walk down to look. The weather has suddenly turned into summer, and I look for a few minutes at the sea and at people lying in the grass eating sandwiches and drinking bottled water.

I walk back and phone Naa to ask about her entrance exam this morning. She will tell me that it went much better than she expected, and that the maths questions left her wondering “is that it?”.

Lena Seraphin will arrive and we will enter Silvio, a vegetarian restaurant with a large buffet lunch. Unlike Dylan they charge by weight and I will, inevitably, over estimate. My lunch will cost 19€ and, when I get to the table, I will realise that it might contain more than I need. Having paid for it, though, I will determine to eat it all. I will leave the restaurant poor and bloated, having invited Lena to become a member of Pixelache..

In the afternoon I will begin a series of technical experiments with Scrivener templates, before having a long Skype meeting with two students who need to finish their joint production and separate thesis reports by the middle of next week.

I will go home by public transport in sunshine and heat, and check my bike when I get home. The tyre will go flat within twenty minutes of me blowing it up. I will also notice that the rubber tyres themselves need changing, not just the inner tubes. Both tyres have started splitting, so if I intend fixing the bike, which I do, I will probably do better to change everything on both wheels.

I have my weekend planned then.