Monday, June 5

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Hameentie, 12:40


I woke up, looked at the overcast sky, got washed and dressed, had breakfast, and went outside into a thin drizzle. I took my bike, walked it to the road, sat on it and started off. It took one metre for me to realise that something felt wrong. I got off and discovered that the back tyre had gone completely flat. I walked the bike back again and left to get the bus.

I spent the first ninety minutes of the working day tending to the online course. I updated some links, answered some comments, added some people who wanted to enrol, and did some troubleshooting for someone who claimed that they couldn’t get into the site.

At 10:30 I had a meeting with Emilia and Josefin who took me through a skeletal version of their presentation for tomorrow’s meeting.

At 12:30 I went out into wet air to buy some goodies for lunch. S-Market had the new range of Tesco cheese, so I bought some red leicester among other things.

Walking back from S-Market I look down at the paving stones outside Arcada. Some of them have fauna and flora growing in the gaps, and all of them reflect oddly in the wet light. They lie under the glass roof so they do not usually get wet, but they do take on different colours according to the weather.

I will spend the afternoon in a Media Management meeting, in which we will discuss research strategies and I will try to offload one of my courses to Tiina. She will not appear very enthusiastic.

By the time I get off the bus at Vartiokylä the rain will have become quite heavy and I will arrive home wet. Irma will arrive home an hour or so after me, by which time Sunshine will have gone out and in twice.