Tuesday, May 30

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Rohdinkuja, 07:58


Last night, when we got home from the cinema, we noticed that someone had built the postbox stand and put up the postboxes. This morning, when I leave the house, I stop and look at them in some detail.

Number 58, the house on the corner with two numbers, has erected the largest postbox I have ever seen. I assume they get live pigs posted to them, or something similar. Our “cheap” postboxes look extremely small: too small to take a newspaper. None of us have numbers on the boxes so I wonder where our mail will go, and how long it will travel up and down the road before we get to read it.

I will start my working day with a thesis presentation for which Tomas and I will award a Grade 4. Then I will hold a book exam, before beginning the laborious process of negotiating rooms at useful times for my courses next year.

In the afternoon I will write various reports and begin grading the courses I have taught this period. Jutta will notice that it feels as though we have started working on an assembly line.

In the evening I will leave for a walk to discover that the clouds overhead have started leaking rain. I will walk approximately fifteen metres and turn back.