Monday, May 22

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Outside Arcada, 12:32


This morning started with ominous clouds overhead. I brought in the painting from yesterday evening and cycled to Puotila before the rain started. At the station I met Tommi, and we chatted about tonight’s meeting.

I spent the morning working out everything I need to know for tomorrow’s technical session, in which I explain to everyone in Introduction to Interactive Storytelling how they can use Twine to move their story to the web and publish it. By lunchtime I thought, probably foolishly, that I had everything under control.

Now I have walked to S-Market to top up my lunch supplies. I walk back and notice that the tree I photographed all one year has cast a very fetching shadow on the grass. I wait a few moments in case a photogenic cyclist pedals past but nobody appears. I photograph the tree with no props.

Over lunch I will watch the video for Miley Cyrus’ new single Malibu, which seems to follow on from her experiments with The Flaming Lips, although slightly more mainstream. She apparently wrote it and it combines some of the more acoustic elements from the Ded Pets album with the live rootsy stuff she videoed with Melanie a few years ago.

I will spend the afternoon in another thesis workshop, which will slowly drive me mad until it suddenly starts to come together. We will nail everything down by agreeing that the final presentation will take place next Tuesday. That will force everyone into hyperdrive, the student especially. Now let’s see if this can possibly work.

I will leave Arcada in blazing sunshine and head home for the evening postbox meeting. I will have no idea at all how this will work out. I will, however, await developments with interest.