Thursday, May 18

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Hameentie, 07:58


I wake up at 7:00 again and slip quietly out of the house into a dull grey sky. My bike seat feels dry but the air feels wet. I see no evidence of rain anywhere but mist hangs in the distance. What fun.

When I get to Arcada the grey still hangs everywhere. I pause outside Arcada hoping that the weather has not turned again.

Jutta stayed later than me yesterday, making sure that correct candidates got invited to today’s interviews, so I agreed to come in first today. I will get the room ready, prepare our patented Evernote notes, and make some signs.

We will interview fifteen people. We will feel happy with almost all of them. One will not turn up, and get added to tomorrow’s list.

At 17:50 I will leave for home under a bright blue sky.

On the way home I will long for a burst of physical activity, and start putting the tasks I can think of in an order. I will begin by sawing logs and then, when Irma has left for the shops, I will install the new outdoor thermometer, and paint the new window frames.

When I have done all this I will help Irma with some gardening, before going in for a shower and thirty minutes reading.