Monday, May 15

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Home, 18:47


I decided to cycle even though I could see clouds outside. Ten metres down the road I felt the start of rain. I sped along and arrived almost dry. By the time I came out of the metro at Sörnäinen the cloud had cleared.

I got to work and realised that I had got confused yesterday, or my diary had. Today represents 123 years since Auo died, not yesterday. I realised this because, for some reason, I decided to work it out again. This, of course, set me off thinking about her, and how it would have amused to correct me herself. Ho hum.

I spent the first hour catching up with things that had happened in the days I spent in Lithuania. I listed all the things I had to do, and the order I had to do them, and then attended the team meeting at 10:00.

I went with Jutta to buy ingredients for lunch, and discuss thesis matters, and the arrangements for the entrance exams. I spotted a problem, but forgot to raise it when we got back.

When we got back we ate salads and went to the Kulturmöte, where I gave a short report about the visit to Tallinn that Liisa and I made.

At 15:00 Daniel Bäckström gave his thesis presentation to a fairly crowded room and excelled himself. Tomas and I both left feeling that we wished his thesis read as well as his presentation sounded.

By the time I cycled home the sun had come out and it felt like a Spring afternoon.

Irma has gone with Naa to change her scarf. I remain at home with Sunshine, who wanders in and out, bringing more grass and dirt in each time due to his habit of rolling around on the grass and paths. I vacuum clean some of it up when he wanders out, and then iron some clothes. I find myself looking around the house for tasks to do, and notice this view, partly because of the odd contrast between the light and dark.

Soon I will remember that I had intended to wash the walls and floor in the shower room, and I will set about doing it. It will take an hour and twenty minutes, but I will enjoy it, not least because of the head-shrinking fumes from the W5 cleaner.

Solvent abuse, the mature home-owners way…