Thursday, May 11

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Pažaislis Monastery, 17:25


Today followed the same pattern as yesterday. We drove to the college in a minibus through gridlock, worked on the e-learning course, pausing only for coffee and snadwiches, a huge lunch, and coffee and cakes.

While waiting for the bus, however, I noticed a hairdressing salon in a side room off the lobby. When I looked it had a bar, and the women having their hair done also had large glasses of whisky, poured from a bottle on the table. Whisky and a haircut for breakfast: interesting, I thought.

At 16:00 the Estionians left for the airport and everyone else left for a monastery for some sightseeing. It took an hour to get there through the traffic.

The monastery seems like a shrine to the concept of symmetry. Everything on the left exactly matchs something on the right. I walk around wondering what strange sense of design or cosmology led to this. I notice that it even has two symetrical bell towers, something the guide claims as unique to here. We walk through the symmetrical gardens to the symmetrical church. Micke and I got down into the crypt to check the burial spaces in the walls.

Afterwards we will walk to Monte Pacis, the monastery restaurant; not staffed, as I had hoped by monks or nuns. It will have a very interesting menu. I will finish my meal with potato ice-cream. It will arrive covered in a potato sauce and dill, and garnished with two strips of bacon flash-fried and then flash frozen.

When we get back at about 20:45 Micke, Hafdis, Vera and I will decide to go for a drink. In the morning, driving round the square, I had spotted The Groovy Take-away Cocktail bar, so I insisted that we begin by inspecting it. We do. It occupies a small corridor and serves cocktails with prices that range from 2€ to 3.50€. They come in transparent plastic containers with lids and straws.

Next we will go to a restaurant ten metres away where the waiter will immediately bring us the cocktail menu. They only serve a wide range of mega-cocktails for 12€ each. These range from daquari to bloddy marys. Each one contains 1litre of cocktail.

We will all avoid them.