Friday, May 5

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Arabia, 8:42


Cycling again.

When I get off the bus at Arabia I see that the new city bikes – fillari – have now arrived. They stand in their stands waiting for people to use them. Last year they proved a success and this summer the city has bought many more cycles and made the catchment area much bigger. I must check how to use them. I remember from last year that you have to register and open them with a credit card which gets charged if you don’t return them within two hours. Or I remember something like that.

I will bring my daily comic strips up to date and then start the Social Media Analysis course. I have had a lot of sudden illnesses and expect hardly any students. In the end I will get more than I anticipated. In the morning everyone listens to the results of the rapid research assignment, and I explain how pecha kuchas work.

When we stop for lunch I will notice uunimakkara on the menu and race to the front of the queue.

After lunch the students will take all their research and make an instant pecha kucha: instant in the sens that it takes them two hours to do. The five groups will each present their work to each other, and everyone will leave in the mood for next week’s Omtänk competition for which this served as preparation.

I will notice that Tomas has started booking next year’s courses and vow to do the same on Monday. I will answer 28 emails, resubscribe to Lastpass despite the fact that Firefox has temporarily disabled it, and leave the building.

Here comes the weekend, I will think, even though the week has only had four working days.