Thursday, May 4

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Arcada, 12:35


Another fine day that started with me cycling to Puotila. This time I cycled as fast as I could spurred on by a teenager who passed me early on and later ate my dust. Sometimes it helps to start the day with a bit of pointless childishness.

I wandered in and out of A303 in the morning, where Jutta had a web design class and I dispensed random advice to people who, by and large, didn’t want it. I began doing this because I wanted to know if Jutta had an https certificate on her site, and she didn’t know. She, in turn, had a css problem that I wandered in and out trying to fix. Then I found a bizarre problem on this site and wandered in and out seeing if she (or any of the students) could suggest likely causes, let alone solutions.

I had an email from Lasse telling me that he had nothing in his budget for Lynda, but promising he would ask Tore if the IT budget could pay for it. This left me infuriated, for many different reasons. And despondent; definitely despondent.

At lunchtime I decide to go for a walk round the building. Monica reminds me that a pigeon has nested between the inner and outer shells of Arcada’s building, and I walk up to the fourth floor to photograph it. I find the pigeon sitting on its eggs, which makes photographing them an impossibility. It does however make photographing the pigeon itself child’s play.

After lunch I will write a report and answer some emails. I will then have a meeting with Student Services about an echange student who needs to go home. I will create a plan to let him leave without affected his study points.

I will do some work for Pixelache and leave for home, listening to Philip Glass.

At home I will find the new drains finished and waiting for the rain I hope they won’t get. Irma will arrive, we will notice the sun and heat, and we will spend the early evening gardening. I will then spend the later evening ironing.